We chose to register at Linens N Things via The I Do Foundation, which will direct a portion of sales from our registry to Trees for Life, an organization which provides fruit trees to residents of developing countries. Here's the straight-from-the-horse's-mouth lowdown:

"Trees for Life empowers people by demonstrating that in helping each other, we can unleash extraordinary power that impacts our lives. We do this by enabling people around the world to help plant fruit trees in developing countries. Each tree protects the environment and provides a low-cost, self-renewing source of food for a large number of people. Trees for Life's activities include three elements: education, health and environment."

Simply click on the Linens N Things link on our I Do Foundation webpage to ensure that 3% of your purchase will be donated to Trees for Life. Note that the I Do Foundation link is connected to the US Linens N Things website, and that you require a US billing address to make purchases via the US site. For our Canadian shoppers, our registry is also available on the Canadian LNT site (canada.lnt.com) and in-store; unfortunately, however, online purchases will not generate donations for Trees For Life.

If purchasing an item in-store, please mention that it's a registry item so that our registry will be updated to reflect purchased items.

As another option, we gratefully welcome donations to either of the following charities in lieu of a wedding gift:

Environmental Defense

Action Against Hunger

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