Welcome to Atlanta!

We arrived in The Peach State, via Ottawa and Chicago, on April 21st , 2006 and immediately noticed that Southerners warranted their friendly reputation. We took care to mention the purpose of our visit -- to mine gems for an engagement ring -- at every opportunity, because in addition to our natural excitement to do so, we had heard it could earn us complimentary upgrades and similar perks. As Eric later noted, though, in a reference destined to be lost on all but diehard fans of television show Futurama, "We got a big mule on that." Marla did, however, receive a lovely congratulatory embrace and well-wishes from a staffer at the hotel restaurant as we enjoyed a fantabulous meal.

Atlanta fast facts:
  • Birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coca-Cola
  • Home of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
  • Site of the 1996 summer Olympics
  • Home of CNN and TBS headquarters
  • Home city to band Collective Soul
  • Slangily referred to as "Hotlanta"
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